At Avalon Commodities we develop and implement sourcing strategies, which focuses on developing a specific commodity category, group of commodities or related services. We have successfully sourced globally agricultural commodities such as Corn, Wheat, Soybean Meal, Starches and Yellow Grease. Also, we have sourced raw material commodities such as Steel, Aluminum and Iron Ore. By developing a strong long term strategic vision with our clients and by leveraging our supplier base as well as our customers spent, we have been able to build win-win relationships on behalf of our clients globally.

Avalon Trading Group, Inc. trough Avalon Commodities is uniquely positioned to advise clients we possess deep industry expertise in:

  • Trading strategy development
  • Market feasibility analysis
  • Market entry strategies and
  • M&A Due Diligence

Avalon Commodities conducts due diligence for companies seeking to invest in or acquire agribusiness operations around the world. We believe the best advice is sometimes to tell our client not to pursue an M&A transaction opportunity if it does not make sound business sense based on our due diligence capabilities which include, but are not limited to:

  • Supply and demand analysis;
  • Company and industry growth outlook analysis;
  • Company S.W.O.T analysis;
  • Management team evaluations;
  • Operations and organizational evaluations;
  • Asset turnaround strategies;
  • Risk assessments, and;
  • Financial analysis.

Reliable market research, insight, observation and information are critical for developing and implementing appropriate strategies in any industry.  Our Global Agricultural Research & Insight platform provides enhanced transparency, relevant and timely information and keen research insights on all sectors of the global agricultural industry for the benefit of industry stakeholders.

Companies seeking to develop and implement strategies for new growth opportunities in a range of sectors in global agribusiness rely on Avalon Commodities to leverage its proven business and market strategy development capabilities which include:

  • Market identification analysis;
  • Market development strategies;
  • New business and product commercialization strategies;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Positioning strategies and
  • Competitive evaluations.

Determining whether to invest in a new agricultural business or market opportunity requires rigorous analysis to make a sound, well-informed decision. Avalon Commodities provides comprehensive feasibility services, which include:

  • Market feasibility studies;
  • Competitive evaluations;
  • Technical feasibility studies and
  • Financial projections and analysis.